4G LTE Airtime & Managed Services

European or Worldwide reach

Netinsat offers 3 data plans based on Vodafone Network: Easy, Large and Large Advanced.

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Bespoke coverages and advanced options such as fixed public IP address are available upon request.

EASY, airtime in Europe

Technology: 4G LTE
Included data: 100GB
No long term commitment, 30 day rolling contract
Vodafone network

175eu per month

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Plans from 100GB up to 2TB or even more

2019 Mediterranean Yachting season, European data plans start from 100GB at 175eu per month.

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Flexible agreements

1, 3, 4, 6, 12 or 24 months.

Bespoke data plans and coverages available upon request.

Data pool for fleets, various SIMs can share the same monthly allowance.

Seamless connectivity and cost reduction

Complete solution including either a balancing router, VPN and remote management

Flexibility, application awareness, automatic failover (more details)