Secure WiFi wherever you travel

Unlimited data in 100+ countries 

Imagine a travel experience with WiFi connectivity leisurely and carefree: SIM-free, hassle-free, no roaming charges and a secure alternative for unsafe public WiFi hotspots. 

we.stream mobile wifi hotspot we.stream mobile wifi hotspot

Netinsat distributes We.Stream in Italy and in the yachting industry.

Embedded Cloud SIM

Worldwide fast mobile data, up to 150 mbps at 20,75€ per month

Activate data plan with one single click, just when you need

No commitments, no subscription, no bill shocks


5350 mAh battery, up to 15 hours online

Charge your other devices securely

2 more free SIM slots available

Use your own local SIMs securely

We.Stream supports the use of other SIM cards, the device has two Nano SIM slots

Built-in VPN 

Setup a secure VPN tunnel from the device

Option for direct P2P with your corporate network

Unlimited global data plans for business travellers

One WiFi mobile hotspot with flat pricing worldwide, equip your team with We.Stream and eliminate roaming costs while increasing Productivity

we.steram for business

5 reasons to add We.Stream to your team’s travel Toolkit:

  1. Offer a better user experience to your team;
  2. Secure connection keeps data safe;
  3. Save on international data roaming expenses;
  4. Keep costs consistent;
  5. Streamlined billing and management.


GET PLAN &PRICING INFORMATION, contact us: we.stream@netinsat.com