informed everywhere

Daily news broadcasted on TV screens using less bandwidth than an email

MDNS / Maritime Digital News Service

Also on vessels with very poor connectivity, seafarers can be informed watching news on a TV

News are available in many languages and themes.

Two available services: only texts change or text and related image

MDNS is able to transmit Advertising (text or video), this means that is potentially able to pay by itself

Only texts change






/ Local headline news / Russian Language / Very low bandwidth – data usage (under 40kb per update).

Texts and related image change






/ International headline news/ English / Your company’s logo

The Main Service

/ International headline news.

/ English Language.

/ Updated every 24 hours.

/ Very low bandwidth/data (under 40kb per update).

Optional Features

/ Other languages.

/ Other kind of news (local headline, business, sport).

/ Updating frequencies (starting from 5 min).

/ Your company’s logo.

/ Tailor made design.